Terra dos sonhos

Terra dos Sonhos (Land of Dreams) has children, young people with chronic, institutionalized and elderly diseases their public of mission. On average they realize 3 dreams per month, this is the most known side of the institution, but they also realize dream experiences for groups of children and young people. In addition to these two projects that can be supported, there are also birthday parties, meeting spaces or workshops in the House of Dreams. This place is also the scene of inspiring conversations, which are informal talks with content and guests whose universe is as closely related to the activity that the institution promotes as to the lives of all of us.


Rua Mécia Mouzinho de Albuquerque nº1 1300-391 Lisboa
Lat.: 38.697983 / Long.: -9.187753


Goods, Time, Money

Sub type

Children, Elderly, Disease


Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Support Institution

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Goods: In order to make donations in kind, you must send na email to Terra dos Sonhos

Time: Volunteering (regular or in punctual actions) in the various available areas, such as: participation in the Children's and Youth's Dream Teams; participation in Dream Teams to elderly people; participation and / or support in the realization of dream experiences, as animators or companions; administrative support at headquarters; offer of services; accountancy support; computer support; support in management advice; participation as coordinator of specific projects promoted by the Association; participation in the collection of support and partnerships for the Association; support in the organization of courses, conferences, seminars and workshops promoted by the Association; participation in open sessions as speakers; support in fundraising and / or communication events.

Money: General: donations by bank transfer or through the site (punctual or regular), link to the website here; dissemination of the project / institution; offer of services; solidary call for 760 305 306, the cost of each call is € 0.60 + vat, of which € 0.48 reverts in favor of Terra dos Sonhos; shopping in the online store (cushion, 10 €),  link to the website here Individuals: Donation of 0.5% of the IRS (Model 3 of the declaration: NIPC 508 128 439); dreamer effective (annual quota of 60 €); join the solidary card (protocols with discounts for the user and donation to the institution), more info here Companies: multi-year collaboration protocols (3 years); involvement of the employees in the realization of dreams (teambuilding) that can be developed by the team of Terra dos Sonhos or involve the employees in the definition of the dream, adapting the content to the strategic objectives of each organization (taylor made dreams); sponsorship of dreams or dream experiences; business dream members: annual donation of € 1,000 (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payment); promote fundraising activities.

Technical information

Foundation: 2007

Team: 5

Volunteers: 1000

Beneficiaries: 2639 children / young people (2007 to 2017)

Apart from the general / base information of the institution, the contents above refer to the visited place, there being particular changes in each geographical point where the institution is present, for example at the level of schedules and / or beneficiaries.
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