Mais Proximidade Melhor Vida

The focus of the work of this team is based on proximity, personalization, trust and networking, all to empower, to give more autonomy, well-being and increase the quality of life of the elderly in their residence, always with a view to reducing the
isolation and solitude. The Association currently supports 120 people with an average age of around 83 years who live in the downtown area of ​​Lisbon and Mouraria. If in the beggining they’ve looked for the first users, now they are the ones who reference a neighbor or a friend who needs support and the waiting list quickly became part of the work tools of this team that has 4 case managers (30 beneficiaries are assigned to each one). At the volunteer level, the first visits to the users are accompanied by the techniques until a relationship of trust between the parties is established and the implementation, on a case-by-case basis, of one of the fundamental rules is guaranteed: “intervening with consent”. It should be underlined that all this support is provided free of charge to users. As a curiosity, we know that on the birthday of the users they are presented with a cake, a gesture that is much appreciated.


R. do Ouro, 165 1100-061 Lisboa
Lat.: 38.710960 / Long.: -9.138761


Goods, Time, Money

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Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Goods: Adult diapers (size L / XL), "Voltaren" ointment (due to pain), "Trombocid" cream and "Halibut" (for bedridden users)

Time: Volunteering: weekly visits; fortnightly telephone contacts

Money: Donations by bank transfer; by ATM in the "Be Solidarity" service; Ambassador AMPMV (monthly contribution of € 10 or € 20 and dissemination of the project); purchase of publications of the institution (book, illustrations - details on the site); purchase of postcards from the institution at FNAC do Chiado (Lisbon) and at the Santa Maria Maior Tourist Office (Lisbon)

Technical information

Foundation: 2010

Team: 6

Volunteers: 30

Beneficiaries: 120 adults (elderly)

Apart from the general / base information of the institution, the contents above refer to the visited place, there being particular changes in each geographical point where the institution is present, for example at the level of schedules and / or beneficiaries.
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