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Dress a Girl Around the World wants through a dress to create better conditions of life and safety for girls living in countries with delicate socio-economic situations, mostly in the African continent, where the dresses also arrive thanks to an important partnership: inclusion in the program of solidary miles of TAP (partnership made by the ambassador of the project in Portugal that was born in 2016). Worldwide the project was born in 2009 and currently (2017) the institution has donated 500,000 dresses and is present in 81 countries.
The dresses are identified with the project label which, as proven on the ground, causes any predators to depart by reading in this signal the protection of the child in question under an organization. It should also be noted that the social aspect of the project ends up guaranteeing bilateral support from the people involved, when on one side there are the children who receive the dresses and on the other the volunteers who often, for integration in such a noble purpose, gain strength to solve their own problems, such as social isolation or psychological brittleness.
The commitment that Dress a Girl asks the to who delivers is that it be made in the hands of the beneficiaries; what they ask the institutions is to take a picture of the girls in their new dresses and send them back. In this way a “match” is made with the photograph that was taken with the volunteer when she has finished her dress. It is worth noting that in Portugal we have solidary workshops (sewing), that is, shops that have joined the project to make it grow and where volunteers meet periodically to make dresses. Find all the dress molds

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Praça Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro 4B Cascais 2750-642 Cascais
Lat.: 38.700825 / Long.: -9.420293


Goods, Time

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(Schedule of “The Craft Company”, partner of the project)
Monday: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm;
Tuesday to Friday: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm / 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm;
Saturday: 10:30 am to 1 pm

Support Institution

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Goods: Donate articles to make dresses / shorts, being: fabrics, lines, elastic, sewing bias tape; donate small girls' underwear (2 to 10 years old); donate TAP Portugal miles (contributes to the delivery of the dresses); in Portugal the project does not accept donations in cash, only materials.

Time: Sew a girl's dress or boys' shorts, at home or in one of the solidary workshops.

Technical information

Foundation: 2009

Team: 10

Volunteers: 20 solidary workshops

Beneficiaries: 6.247 dresses (registration of August 2017)

Apart from the general / base information of the institution, the contents above refer to the visited place, there being particular changes in each geographical point where the institution is present, for example at the level of schedules and / or beneficiaries.
MUBU4GOOD informs the NIB/IBAN of the institutions being the donations made directly to them.
PORTUGAL . AÇORES . Studio DLD & Mãos de Trapo
Rua do Palácio, nº 23, 9700-143 Sé 9700-143 Angra do Heroísmo
Lat.: 38.656403 / Long.: -27.220423
Call: 926 505 144
PORTUGAL . LISBON . Rosa Pomposa
10A R. Prof. Alfredo de Sousa 1600-067 Lisboa
Lat.: 38.770523 / Long.: -9.171402
Call: 912409620
PORTUGAL . OPORTO . Triunfo da Cor
3477 Av. da Boavista Shop 18 4100-139 Porto
Lat.: 41.163624 / Long.: -8.664491
Call: 917254169

Lat.: 37.010326 / Long.: -7.937495
Call: 924083913

Lat.: 37.827179 / Long.: -122.291306
Email: suzbeck@yahoo.com

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Email: dressagirlnc@gmail.com

Lat.: -25.274399 / Long.: 133.775131
Email: deniseherreen1911@gmail.com

Lat.: -14.235004 / Long.: -51.925282
Email: mdcoimbra@yahoo.com.br

Lat.: 41.871941 / Long.: 12.567380
Email: bzangelmi@gmail.com

Lat.: 60.128162 / Long.: 18.643501
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