Dador Sangue (IPST)

In 2018, the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation (IPST) celebrates 60 years. It was a long journey until we have Portugal as the country in the fourth place on the ranking of the highest register of cedace (bone marrow) donors registered per million inhabitants. This is something spectacular and shows what moves the portuguese people! It is important to remember that men can give blood up to 4 times a year (3 in 3 months) and ladies up to 3 times a year (4 in 4 months). IPST mobile units move throughout the country to facilitate donation. As a matter of curiosity, in terms of blood components countries are working towards self-sufficiency; In the case of cedace collection (bone marrow), the situation is different, 2016 were sent 70 harvests abroad (mainly Europe, USA and Oceania) and in Portugal we received 27. The database is made worldwide for the response may be as effective as possible.


53 - Pav. 17 Av. do Brasil 1749-005 Lisboa
Lat.: 38.756771 / Long.: -9.148313



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Blood, Bone Marrow


Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am to 7:30 pm

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Time: Blood donation in Portugal; see places here (list in permanent update): See list here For donation of bone marrow should be contacted one of the 3 institutes (Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra).

Technical information

Foundation: 1958

Team: 574

Volunteers: more than de 500.000 donors

Beneficiaries: 90.000 a 100.000 transfused patients / year

Apart from the general / base information of the institution, the contents above refer to the visited place, there being particular changes in each geographical point where the institution is present, for example at the level of schedules and / or beneficiaries.
MUBU4GOOD informs the NIB/IBAN of the institutions being the donations made directly to them.
Rua de Bolama, n.º 133 4200-139 Porto
Lat.: 41.165424 / Long.: -8.604938
Call: 225083400
42 R. Escola Inês de Castro Quinta da Vinha Moura 3040-226 Coimbra
Lat.: 40.192944 / Long.: -8.455743
Call: 239791070
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