Portuguese Victim Support Association (APAV) supports, in an individualized, qualified and humanized way, victims of crimes and violence. It has as reference spaces the GAV (Victim Support Office) and Shelter House. 80% of the work they do is to empower and autonomize the victim. Their legal, psychological and social support always has as a concern the respect for the victim’s decision-making and respect for the time it may lead to take it. In extreme cases, we’re talking about life threatening situations, when the need to protect these victims is verified, Shelter Houses are used where they are installed, being completely uprooted from the life they knew until then, but in safety. As a reference, 80% of the victims are women, where 39% of
offenders are husbands or mates and in more than 50% of cases the common residence is the location of the crime (2016 numbers).


Av. 25 de Abril, 1097 C, Loja 6 2750-515 Cascais
Lat.: 38.696705 / Long.: -9.429761


Goods, Time, Money

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Victims of violence


Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm / 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm;
Saturday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (subject to markup)

116 006 Free Phone Call
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Support Institution

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Goods: List of shelter house needs (the delivery of goods can be done at the GAV closest to your area of residence): Food Products: Olive oil, vinegar and oil; Rice; pastas; flour; sugar; cookies; Canned (grain, beans, tuna, sausages, mushrooms, corn, etc.); Cereals, coffee, chocolate powder. Hygiene Products: Shampoos, softeners, shower gel, body / facial creams; Intimate hygiene products; Basic baby diapers, wipes and creams; Nail cutter; Hair brushes / combs; Toothbrush. Cleaning Products: Laundry detergent (machine); Softener; School / Office Supplies: Blue Ball Pens; Rubbers; Paper reams of A4 sheets.

Time: Volunteering: minimum of 4 hours a week (in person), for a period of not less than 6 months, in weekly working hours (period from 9:00-10:00 am to 17:30-18:00 pm).

Money: Donations by the website and by bank transfer: Individuals: Donation of 0.5% of the IRS (Model 3 of the declaration: NIPC 502 547 952); Companies: donations can be considered cost of the exercise in IRC plus 140% of the amount donated (paragraph 5 d) of the EBF - Statute of Tax Benefits); Online store, for example: Ring Tape to key by "APAV" (3 €); Canvas Bag (25 €); Lunch box (€ 3.5); Several publications (€ 2 to € 15); Legacies in testament; organization of solidarity events; to become a member of APAV: annual quotas: singular associate: € 30 / year, collective associate: € 700 / year; to donate some service should contact 213501640, fundraising@apav.pt; "adopting" a crime victim service room or a room in one of the 20 Shelter Houses: € 1,000 (corresponds to the average annual cost of the space).

Technical information

Foundation: 1990

Team: 70

Volunteers: 164

Beneficiaries: 35 411 queries e 9 347 victims (in 2016)

Apart from the general / base information of the institution, the contents above refer to the visited place, there being particular changes in each geographical point where the institution is present, for example at the level of schedules and / or beneficiaries.
MUBU4GOOD informs the NIB/IBAN of the institutions being the donations made directly to them.
Urbanização Habijovem, Loja CH, Bloco C, Quinta da Palmeira 8200-001 Albufeira
Lat.: 37.095474 / Long.: -8.240945
Email: apav.albufeira@apav.pt
20 R. de Santo António 7400 Ponte de Sor
Lat.: 39.248760 / Long.: -8.010163
Email: apav.altoalentejo@apav.pt
11 R. de São Victor 4710-439 Braga
Lat.: 41.552307 / Long.: -8.415852
Email: apav.braga@apav.pt
1 R. Teodoro 3030-213 Coimbra
Lat.: 40.201958 / Long.: -8.410448
Email: apav.coimbra@apav.pt
14A Rua Doutor José de Matos 1st Floor 8000-504 Faro
Lat.: 37.015491 / Long.: -7.924790
135A R. José Estêvão Ground Floor 1000-232 Lisboa
Lat.: 38.731037 / Long.: -9.137765
Email: apav.lisboa@apav.pt
Portugal . Ponta Delgada 2
UAVMD - Unidade de Apoio à Vítima Migrante e de Discriminação - Açores, Rua do Mercado, 57, 9500-326 PONTA DELGADA
Lat.: 37.742374 / Long.: -25.663170
Email: apav.pontadelgada@apav.pt
Portugal . Vila Franca de Xira
UAVM - Unidade de Apoio à Vítima Migrante - Vila Franca de Xira, Rua Noel Perdigão 5, 4º Dto., 2600-218 VILA FRANCA DE XIRA
Lat.: 38.954498 / Long.: -8.989724
Email: uavm.vfx@apav.pt
Portugal . Lisbon 4
UAVMD - Unidade de Apoio à Vítima Migrante e de Discriminação - Lisboa , Rua José Estêvão 135-A, 1150-201 LISBOA
Lat.: 38.731110 / Long.: -9.137730
Email: uavmd@apav.pt
Portugal . Lisbon 3
RAFAVH - Rede de Apoio a Familiares e Amigos de Vítimas de Homicídio, Rua José Estêvão 135-A, 1150-201 LISBOA
Lat.: 38.731110 / Long.: -9.137730
Email: rafavh@apav.pt
Portugal . Lisbon 2
Rede CARE - Apoio a crianças e jovens vítimas de violência sexual, Rua José Estêvão 135-A, 1150-201 LISBOA
Lat.: 38.731110 / Long.: -9.137730
Email: care@apav.pt
Portugal . Vila Real
Edifício do ex Governo Civil de Vila Real, Largo Conde de Amarante, 5000-529 VILA REAL
Lat.: 41.299374 / Long.: -7.742565
Email: apav.vilareal@apav.pt
Portugal . Tavira
GNR - Destacamento Territorial de Tavira, Rua de Santa Margarida, 2, 8800-500 TAVIRA
Lat.: 37.125111 / Long.: -7.660267
Email: apav.tavira@apav.pt
Portugal . Setúbal
Edifício da Câmara Municipal de Setúbal, Praça do Brasil, 17, 2900-285 SETÚBAL
Lat.: 38.531193 / Long.: -8.886600
Email: apav.setubal@apav.pt
Portugal . Santarém
Ex-Escola Prática de Cavalaria, Largo Infante Santo, 2009-002 SANTARÉM
Lat.: 39.239441 / Long.: -8.684764
Email: apav.santarem@apav.pt
Portugal . Oporto
Centro de Recursos Sociais da C.M. Porto, Rua da Fábrica Social, 17, Piso 2, 4000-201 PORTO
Lat.: 41.155849 / Long.: -8.606539
Email: apav.porto@apav.pt
Portugal . Portimão
Esquadra de Portimão da PSP, Av. Miguel Bombarda, Edifício da PSP, 8500-299 PORTIMÃO
Lat.: 37.134018 / Long.: -8.538688
Email: apav.portimao@apav.pt
Portugal . Ponta Delgada
Rua do Mercado, 57, 9500-326 PONTA DELGADA
Lat.: 37.742374 / Long.: -25.663170
Email: apav.pontadelgada@apav.pt
Portugal . Paços de Ferreira
Paços do Concelho, Sala 0.08 B, Praça da República, 46, 4590-527 PAÇOS DE FERREIRA
Lat.: 41.275894 / Long.: -8.376152
Email: apav.pacosdeferreira@apav.pt
Portugal . Loulé
Posto da GNR de Loulé, Travessa Charles Bonnett, 8100 LOULÉ
Lat.: 37.137974 / Long.: -8.025459
Email: apav.loule@apav.pt
Portugal . Odivelas
Av. Amália Rodrigues, 10-A, Urbanização da Ribeirada, 2675-623 ODIVELAS
Lat.: 38.797043 / Long.: -9.180966
Email: apav.odivelas@apav.pt
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