Mubu4good is a sister platform of MUBU!

As we made the several solidary challenges, we realized that there was a willingness to help, but it was difficult to find where to do it and in what way. We have created this tool to help bring that will closer to the needs that exist in the several institutions. Our dream is to gather in only one place all the institutions so that each person can easily find the solidary gesture that makes the most sense for themselves.

Despite being independent projects (MUBU and mubu4good), we will always create synergies between the two platforms, just as we believe it is through partnerships that we can do more and better, help more and better.

This is an instrument that intends to have a global scale. After all, the world is only one and the divers points of the globe have never been so close as today. We may want to help in our city, or the other side of the world (at a distance, or when planning a trip).

The dream of creating this tool starts here!


Carolina Segurado Fernandes
mubu4good Founder

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